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DRKWTR Artist Photo


DRKWTR is a deep dive into the mind, body, and soul. His flow will take you on a journey through a cinematic soundscape of melodic compositions that are drenched in an enchanting paradox of dark and funky vibes. Each song is a breathtaking experience wrapped in mystery, laced with surprises at each turn. Otherwise known as Mitchell Oates, DRKWTR is a breakbeat DJ and producer based out of Edmonton, Alberta. First signed with Breakzrboss Records (CAN) and now currently co-owner of Diesel Recordings (UK), this is just the introduction of international releases in his career. He has been dubbed the “Breakbeat Ninja” for his quick-witted mixing skills and techniques, in addition to also being referred to as the “Bootleg King”, as he is known to transform any song given to him with ease. Supporters of DRKWTR can purchase tracks on Beatport, Itunes, Spotify, and Soundcloud. Stay posted for upcoming releases and tour dates coming your way!