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Boundless Frequencies Artist Photo

Boundless Frequencies

In a world composed of vibration and sound, certain frequencies can influence you into the direction of breaking free from limitations. The raw intention behind Boundless’ music is to move you in such a way that all thoughts and negative emotions slip away into a state of ecstatic presence. Enjoy a roller coaster ride of intense devotion and conscious intention as Boundless sets the atmosphere behind the turntables and studio monitors. With Boundless styles of music ranging from Electro House, Breakbeats, Trance and Drum & Bass, Kenneth Pintor aka Boundless has made his life work raising consciousness through music, meditation and yoga. As a teenager he observed how music had the power to influence the atmosphere and vibration of any setting. Realizing this set him on a path to uplift as many people as possible through music and dance. With early influences from genres from all across the board, his love for music deepened as he discovered electronic dance music. Learning quickly how to mix vinyl records in 2008 and starting music production in 2010, Boundless skillfully toggles between being an inspirational producer and DJ. Soon developing a keen sense for knowing just the right track to play for the moment, Boundless formed a dance music event production team and has been bringing powerful vibes to dance floors ever since. With chart topping releases and mind-shattering performances through his previous alias (Entheogen), Boundless will continue to shower the scene with conscious intention, love and inclusiveness.